Engineered Products for the Water and Wastewater Industry

Engineering Practices

  • Application Engineering
  • Building Enclosures
  • Cavitation and Surge Analysis
  • Composite Elevated Tanks
  • Electronic Control Valves
  • Glass Coated Tanks
  • Ground Storage Tanks
  • Level Control, Rate of Flow Valves
  • Level Control, Rate of Flow Valves
  • Plan Drawings
  • Porcelain Enamel Tanks
  • Pressure Reducing & Relief Valves
  • Project Bid/Plans Specifications
  • Pump Station Design & Planning
  • Raw/Re-Use & Wellhead Stations
  • Storage System Planning
  • System Monitoring & Control
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Valve Performance Analysis
  • Water Treatment Systems

Heavily invested in engineered products for the water & wastewater industry, ESI professional staff have been providing top quality engineered solutions to the water & wastewater industry for over 22 years including servicing electrical & mechanical equipment, motors, controls and pumps.

Engineered Systems Inc., provides a wide range of water engineering services. Our clients include private companies, municipalities, and governments. Our engineers have experience in many different disciplines, ranging from tiny well head systems to gigantic water treatment systems.

We have assisted our clients in site investigations, planning studies, feasibility studies, cost analysis and detailed engineering design.

We take a practical, results-oriented approach to projects, backed by many years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art methods of analysis and design.